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Measured HR provides solutions for businesses on the cusp of growth and can help define your people strategy.

Have you experienced a recent boom in business and thought what now? Has your staff grown exponentially? Do your employees have questions that you can't answer?

At Measured we want to maximize your efficiency and allow you the time needed to focus on your growing business

We believe people are the most important commodity in business. Our company has the skill, expertise, and experience to care for your employees while they focus on caring for your guests. 

With over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry, Measured HR offers affordable, customizable services to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization with a eye towards growth. 

We identify and address the root causes of turnover & compliance issues by providing hands-on, expert support.

Save time and capital. Let us be your HR Team.

Diverse Group Cheering

"We believe in diversity of thought, background, and experience. Diverse people drive results.

Rachel Ramsey, PHR - Owner , Measured HR

Rachel Ramsey,  is a former Executive Chef, General Manager , and HR Director for such brands as Sodexo , Major Food Group, & Virgin Atlantic

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